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Actuarial Assessment

A Proactive Insurance Solution – Your time is valuable and we understand that a good partner needs to bring more than just product or sales ideas. Therefore, we take seriously our commitment to making a difference in your business. Our goal is to be your high-end strategic insurance partner that goes beyond insurance. We have proven processes that allow us to be a proactive solution that seamlessly integrates into your advisory practice. We create a partnership that we believe will lead to increased revenue, greater enterprise value, and more comprehensive experience that your clients will appreciate.

1. Evaluate general economic conditions under current interest rates as illustrated by the insurance carrier. See:

2. The possible effect of inflation or deflation is measured in this report by altering the interest rate assumption and calculating the Net Present Value of Premium Costs for the three funding patterns presented (See Effect of Int Rate on Costs )

3. The expected tax consequences of surrendering the policy and receiving the cash surrender value are shown in detailed premium pattern tabs

4. The expected total return from income and appreciation of capital is measured throughout this report through financial metrics such as Net Present Value of Premiums, IRR, and MIRR

5. Other resources of the beneficiaries are not taken into account directly, but indirectly through the cost of capital assumption and the net present value calculations which take into account the earned investment rate that the policyowner . An asset's special relationship or value is measured via the calculation of the life settlement value and the policyowner asset value (see Asset Valuations)